Dear Brethren

Thank you for your interest in advertising with Do you want your products and service to be visible all around the world? This is a good place to do that in a more unique and professional way. With our wide audience followers, we can help you promote your business or advertize your church events, upcoming programs, meetings, seminars, concerts, workshop to the audience across the world. Anywhere you are in the world, we would try and extend your service to your country for a number of impression that may give you value for your money. 


You can list them here in form of banner adverts, or sponsored post at a reasonable price for maximum exposure. We would run a sponsored post about your products on, Facebook Page and Group, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram. Depending on the areas you wish us to do it for you. NOTE: We do not refund advert payments once your ads starts running.


Send us a mail to: and we will be glad to receive from you and proffer more service to you at a minimum offer.

Thanks for your contribution.

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