Do You Need Help Interpreting Your Dream?

Joshua Orekhie offers a biblical dream interpretation free service to help you discover the true meaning of your dream. We will do our best to provide accurate interpretation to your dream as led by the spirit of God. In this blog, we will also help you know how to interpret your dreams, vision and discern your revelation without you calling us for it (Joel 2:28). This is a blog where you know the true meaning of your dream. We DO NOT charge for it! It is a free will to the children of God. Evangelist Joshua and his formidable team are assigned to provide biblical meanings to your dream no matter how unclear they are to you.  Meanwhile, you can also submit your dream to me through:

Joshua Orekhie can be contacted directly through this form to do lectures, book talks and personal appearances. You can also contact him through his Facebook page, the link being found on the homepage of this website. 

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  1. evening sir, i always dream of eating in my dream and also having sex. please sir i really the interpretation and prayer.

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