Dream Interpretation of Wedding

Wedding in the Dream


Genesis 2:22  “And the rib which the LORD God had taken from man, made thee a woman, & brought her unto the man.” 

2 Corinthians 6:14 “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?” 

The journey towards a successful marriage is not an uphill task.

Marriage is not by force. It is an institution that follows the divine pattern.

Marriage is a place where the husband and the wife are brought together to enjoy the grace of God.

Many people have fallen into this spiritual marriage and immediately they land in the enemy’s trap and any effort made to get married ends in failure.

Spiritual marriage is the presence of spirit husband/wife. Spirit spouse are extremely jealous when you are married.

The consequences of holding wedding in the dream could be dangerous. Once you get wedded in the dream your destiny will be affected. Since God commanded husband and wife to stay together, the spirit spouse is anxiously waiting to strike at any home whose foundation is very weak.

In some families, it is possible for ladies to get wedded in the dream. Lot of women have continued to attract wrong men when they see themselves having wedding in their dream.

Those who are desperate for marriage are being deceived by the spirit husband in the dream. They see wedding gown in their body but no one to attend their wedding. It is a serious attack. 

Marine powers, know that wedding is a very powerful covenant. They try to lead men and women into spiritual marriage. The moment you get wedded with a strange person in the dream, you are bound to live the rest of your life in darkness.

Another area the spirit spouse is attacking people is the wedding gown and wedding ring dream.

The dream of wedding gown stolen and wedding ring disappear has become so bad that it takes only divine intervention. No doubt wedding gown or ring is the instrument of marriage. They are precious gift to marriage.

It is sad that most people have lost their wedding ring, others have lost their wedding gown in the dream. For example, one lady can be a wife to as many as five spirit husbands, while one man can be a husband to several spirit wives. Some of these wives could come from the sea, others from the family members or elsewhere.

The spirit spouse gives them assurance of marriage. From this explanation, you can see that the problem of evil spiritual marriage is not an ordinary dream. Being wedded in the dream is only normal when both of you have made preparation for your marriage before the dream. Others are evil. If you continue to have these kinds of dream, marriage may become impossible in the reality. It is terrible when the lady could not find her wedding properties such as ring, gown, jewerries etc.

Wedding is a symbol of marital blessings. Once the dream is organised peacefully, you will benefits from the marital blessings attached to the dream.

It is not really bad to wed in the dream, because some are good while some are also bad dreams.

In fact, it is a good dream when you finished wedded successfully in the dream. It is a good dream when the bride and bridegroom and their parents are fully present

Some people are still struggling to have a successful wedding in the dream. They say that there is always an obstacle whenever this dream is in operation. It is either something mysterious happened to the bride or none of them is fully presence in the dream.  

For example, spirit spouses ensure marriage break down and couple separation becomes easy. No matter how good or beautiful you are, you cannot experience success in your wedding as long as spirit spouses are being operated in your life.  

The real truth about wedding in the dream is that if you are not wise, you are likely to remain ignorance to the works of the devil. We now know that Goldy wedding is the foundation of spiritual marriage.


Though our state of mind or work might influence or contribute to this kind of dream which can mean nothing. But for the purpose of this write ups, it means a lot.

If you find it difficult to hold a successful wedding in the dream, it is a symbol of marital problem. It is a sign that you are suffering from marital failure and pains.

If you were unable to see your wedding gown, you need to organise serious prayers and fasting. The way you take the prayers will determine whether you are going to marry or not.

Any dream that is characterized of a stolen or missing of your wedding gown, then you are in serious problems. If you succeed in holding a successful wedding in the dream but your brides shoe, ring or any belonging were missing, this automatically mean you will have problem with that man.

A stolen wedding ring will give your marriage a bad meaning. God desire for you is to settle down with the right person. While the enemy is ready to delay you, you must cut off their demonic expectation against you.

On the other hand, if you dream and see yourself in a traditional wedding with a person you are ready to marry in the real life, it means that traditional marriage will be successful without no hindrance.

But with prayers everything will be successful. When you dream where there are obstructions in the dream, means there are domestic powers that does not support you to marry the person for certain reasons.

If you see your parents behind the obstruction of your traditional marriage, means your parents have stand against your marriage with the person in concern. If he or she is a known person, meet your pastor to direct you specially.

You must break every unholy relationship. If you are a married person and you constantly encounter this dream, pray for your husband very well and place the blood of Jesus over him against strange woman.

It takes prayers to restore whatever the enemy have stolen from you. Reject it.


1. If a man whom you are currently dating engages you in the dream, It shows his readiness to marry you but circumstances may hinder him not to make a proceed. Pray that God should manifest the dream faster and help him.
2. If you dream about your ex coming back to you and demand for engagement, it could represent a sign of delay and lateness in marriage. No man should delay you.
3. If a strange person is putting wedding ring in your hands, it shows you have established your soul, body and spirit to the spirit spouse.
4. If you see your uncle or relatives engaging you in the dream, it means you will keep attracting people asking for your hands in marriage
5. If you discover that your man was about to put rings in your hands and you suddenly wake up, that dream is not complete. It is a plan of the devil to obstruct your marriage.


1. Sin
2. Bad record about you
3. Possessing seducing spirit
4. Unholy living
5. Living a double life
6. Indecent dressing
7. Prayerlessness
8. Sexual immorality
9. Anger
10. Lack of intimacy with the Holy Spirit
11. Incomplete deliverance
12. Thinking about sex all the time
13. Joblessness
14. Living in sexually polluted environment
15. Unequally yoke with unbelievers
16. Blood covenant with  a man
17. Bad luck spirit
18. The use of wedding ring on your hands when you are not dating any man
19. Soul tie covenant with the serpent
20. Inherited family bondage


The followings are the plans of the spirit spouse

1. To hinder the manifestation of your marriage in the physical realm
2. To ensure that no man asks for your hand in marriage
3. To sign a life contact of evil spiritual marriage
4. To scatter your relationship
5. To challenge the man with abusive words
6. To prevent you from being recognise by your destiny man
7. To inform the man that you are already married to the spirit spouse
8. To make you weak emotionally or sexually with your man or woman
9. To opens the gate of problems into your marriage
10.To attack the source or instrument of your marriage
11. To compound your marital problems


These are symptoms that indicate distress in this dream

1. Lateness in marriage
2. Trial and errors
3. Bad spirit
4. Divorce
5. Disappointment and confusion
6. Rising and falling
7. Rejection and hatred
8. No admirers
9. Unprofitable relationship
10. Bitterness and sadness
11. Frustration
12. Waste of time, money and attention
13. Family problems
14. Strange sickness and disease
15. Inability to focus better
16. Strange curse


1. Give your life to Christ. Stay connected to him
2. Repent from your sins and bad ways of life
3. Deal with your character today
4. Deal with the powers attacking the instrument of your marriage
5. Break evil covenant with spirit spouse and the ancestry
6. Break curses and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus.
7. Change your prayer pattern 
8. Fear God and make a vow to God

INSTRUCTION: Embark on a 3-day fasting and prayers between 6am-6pm Take a wedding ring as a point of contact and pray.  Remove yourself from the evil consequences of oaths and covenants made with the spirit spouse.


1. My stolen wedding ring/gown, where are you, appear and locate me by fire, in Jesus name. 
2. Any domestic witchcraft from my village or place of birth, troubling my marriage, be crumbled 21 times and die, in Jesus name. 
3. Any power chasing away my divine husband/wife from me, die by fire, in Jesus name. 
4. Blood of Jesus speak against every power working against my marriage in Jesus name. 
5. I cancel by the blood of Jesus every spiritual marriage, in Jesus name. 
6. You spirit spouse projecting into my body in the night to caress me, you are a liar, die by fire, in Jesus name.
7. Let every imagination of the enemy against my marital life be renderened impotent, in Jesus name
8. I renounce any covenant existing between me and spirit husband or wife, in Jesus name
9. Let the power in the blood of Jesus separate me from evil spiritual marriage, in Jesus name
10. O Lord, restore my wedding gown from the possession of the enemy, in Jesus name
11. Holy Ghost, prepare me for my life partner, in Jesus name
12. I declare that I am honourable and undefiled among my peers, in Jesus name
13. Father, introduce me to my life partner, in Jesus name
14. Holy Ghost, dress me and make me acceptable to my partner in Jesus name
15.Father, reveal to me your choice for my life, in Jesus name
16. Any power standing against my marriage, be destroyed by fire, in Jesus name
17.I declare that I shall not miss my season of marriage, in Jesus name

WEDDING /ENGAGEMENT ( Isa 5:13; 1 Cor 3:16-17; Matt 22:29-30; Gal 6:2-4; Prov 18:22; Ps 107:34; Phil 4:4-8; Mat 6:14; 1 Pt 2:8-14; Col 3:19; Titus 2:6-8; Eph 5:22)

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