Dream Interpretation Of Yam

Yam and Marriage
Yam and Marriage

Food is one essential thing that form the part of existence of man. Food enhances growth and healthy operation of the body. Without food, you cannot survive. Every food  and vegetable that grows in the farm are blessings and healing to mankind. Food is the primary source of our productivity. As long as you encounter the right food for your body, you will be happy and comfortable. That is the plan of God for His children. To live a good and healthy life without lack or sickness.

There is no separation between food and yam. In the spiritual realm, yam represents hardworking. Most people desire to eat yam because it is a good source of food. In some families, they place high importance for yam. before any  traditional marriage can take place, It is part of the man’s responsibility to provide other essential commodities, yam inclusive, as part of bride price to the woman.

When a farmer plants a yam, it will require hardworking and patient before he start to harvest the crop. To harvest yam in the dream is to reap what you have sown. The Bible commands us to be fruitful in whatever we do. You cannot take away the blessings of yam to mankind. It has been programmed by God. The Bible makes us to understand that every tree that produces good fruits in the farm shall be beneficial to us. Many people dream about yam without having to know its meanings in their lives. They only see people given them yam to eat in the dream, but they forget that part of the bible that talks about a forbidden fruits. a forbidden fruit or food is a food that the enemy has captured and diverted the blessings of that food.

Just as demon can use the face of anyone to attack their victims, they can use the structure of a yam to deceive their candidates. Devil knows that yam is a source of blessings.When you receive yam from people  in the dream, you are inviting afflictions into your life. It was a forbidden fruits that makes Adam and Eve to suffer the blessings of God. God showed them other fruits or food in the garden, but because of devil, they had to feed on the one that glitters to their eyes. So devil can programme all kinds of evil spirit into yam to give you in the dream.


Evil spirits will never depart easily from people that often eat yam in the dream. Blessings are hindered when you eat yam or someone gave you yam in the dream. The evil loads of your father’s house or mother’s house will not depart from you, until you determine to pray it out. Many people have allowed the instance of yam dream to wage against their marriage. If you are planning a traditional marriage and the dream of yam came to you, it is possible that the enemy wants to scatter that marriage. You cannot allow the devil to be attacking your marriage and expect God to help you. This is one reasons why we advise people to becareful about dream of yam. If you notice you are eating yam and palm oil in the dream, it is a sign of poverty and wretchedness. It means your situation is so brutal that, there is no one in the family to help you.


When you dream that people are roasting yam for you either in the village, farm or any other place, it shows that you have enemies of progress in life who are planning for your downfall. For example, if you are outside the country and you dream where people roasting yams in the village, it is showing you that your people are suffering in the village and they wants you to help them finally. If this dream is frequent, your people in the village wants you to come back to the village for a poverty life. Many people falls into this category. They travelled to their village but finds it hard to travel back.

Roasted yam in the dream is a life of suffering, hardship and lack. When you begin to eat roasted yams in the dream, you will have problem of making progress as the way you wanted. If a person finds out that she lost money mysterious ways, it means such a person is eaten with low level people in the dream. Sometimes it brings down a man and a sign that there is bewitchment in place. Perhaps you see at the market either pricing or selling yams, then you have serious prayers to undergo. It means the enemy has limited you in one spot. As a woman, if cares is not taken, this dream could allow divorce or separation between you and your man. If you are in the market doing one thing or the other and your man or husband is busy waiting at you, we can say here, it is marital problem.


The importance of yam to traditional marriage in Nigeria, for instance, cannot be over emphasized. Any marriage without bride price, such marriage will not prosper. Bride price is one thing that restore the glory of marriage. Bride price shows that you are ready for marriage. For example, if you want to marry a woman and her people told you to get somethings, but if you get one and ignore other, it is the duty of your bride’s family to accept or reject your offer. In my part of the world, we regarded yam as an instrument of a true marriage.

”Bride price constitutes a very vital part of the African tradition. In many cultures, a woman is said to be unmarried until the man pays her bride price even though they are both living together already. In some cultures, the woman is not allowed to bury her father when he dies until the man pays her bride price. It is believed that the duty and responsibility of catering for a female child lies with the father and therefore, if a man wants to marry a woman, he has to respect her father by paying her bride price.”                                                     —-Omorodion Ruth

Make up your mind that devil should stop cheating you. Determine to be wise after this revelation. When you dream and see yourself in a traditional marriage with your woman presenting your bride price to her people, though it is not a bad dream. If you are actually planning to marry her and you constantly saw yourself in the village, it means you are going to have marital success. God is just given you the outlook of your traditional marriage activities. Maybe you dream where some set of people came to steal your bride price, it means you are in trouble. If you know the person that stole it in the dream, there is a tendency that they are the ones who does not wish you to succeed in marriage.


1. Good: These are good yams that are meant to bless you in marriage
2. Bad: These are bad yams that people (devil) wants you to eat in the dream, with the aim of destroying the person and hindered the blessings.


1. It steals a person’s glory. Adam and Eve.
2. It brings marital shame and disgrace.
3. It brings reproach to the name of Christ. David and Bathsheba.
4. It brings demotion and suffering
5. It exposes the person to terrible attacks
6. They take you back to square one. This is what happened to Gideon. Judges 8:24-27.
7.  It allows sickness or disease
8.  It abort your marital dream
9.  It makes you a slavery
10. It makes you to remember the life of poverty
11. It means to attack your finances for marital preparation
12. Caging of blessings and favour
13. Failure at the edge of breakthrough
14. It slow down your progress
15. Affliction and poverty.  Adam and Eve were driven out of the garden to hard labor.
16. To make your position to be given to another. A good example is Judas Iscariot.
17. Collective captivity.  The whole of Israel suffered for Achan’s nakedness. Joshua 22:20.


They make a man blind from seeing the goodness God’s blessings in her partner or wife. Sometimes, there is a problem between the man and woman at the edge of their traditional marriage or white marriage. Many couple are struggling after having series of yam dream. They did not understand the sudden disappearance of money in the home. Demonic plan is to destroy you, but God wants you to achieve and fulfil your destiny in whatever capacity. If you are not fulfilling your purpose, and you discover yourself eating yam or roasted yam, it means you have already declared a failure by the enemy. So when the demon is using the dream of yam to bring hardship and loss to you, it means they have closed the chapter of your life. If you found out that someone is supplying you bad yams, then you need to send them back to sender. It means evil gifts that may bring problem to you


1. Repent from every known sin. You must repent from every sin that is hard to let out
2. Renounce every involvement in the anything that has to do with the world of darkness
3. Rededicate yourself to God
4. Pray your way through

INSTRUCTION: Embark on 3 days fasting and prayers
The prayer points you will pray at the moment things get to the climax and you are about to give up, could be the prayer points that will bring your breakthrough. Do you know when to pray hard? It is when you are receiving more attacks during prayers or fasting. When you pray, you are shooting bullets at the enemy, you are firing arrows and the enemy would naturally fight back


1. Yam of poverty, I am not your candidate, go back to sender, in Jesus name.
2. I deliver my destiny from bewitchment, by the blood of Jesus.
3. Any gifts that I have received during or after my wedding that is affecting my marriage, be nullified by fire, in Jesus name
4. You powers, using food to cage my blessings in the dream, be destroyed by fire, in Jesus name.

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