Dream Of Animals Attacking A Home

Everything God created was perfect. The God that created man was still the same God that created animal. There is a different spirit that controls the man and animal. The Bible says, we should have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. Right from the day of Adam and Eve, it was the time the devil begin to penetrate into the affair of man. The spirit of darkness was able to use the spirit of snake to disturb and scatter the Godly marriage of Adam and Eve. The Bible made mention of some animals that are unclean (Leveticus 11). 

These unclean animals are easily possessed by the devil. The symbol of animals in the represent a certain person or (enemy). The devil uses most animals to carryout their operation in the dream. 

Most of the animals that people often come across in their dream are, snakes, dogs, vulture, cow,  etc. Whenever you see a goat in the dream, it has a meaning. Whenever you see a snake in the dream, it has a different meaning. Whenever you see a dog in the dream, it has its own meanings.  That is why it is important to know the kind of animals that we see in the dream. It gives a clear description about what to pray about.

The day Satan begin to disturb the ministry of Jesus was the day the devil is against the progress of so many people. When animals begin to enter your room in the dream, you must find ways to drive them away and keep your home safe from satanic attacks. These animals that you saw in the dream  are sent to enter your house  and remove the blessings of God therein. If these animals are confident enough to enter your room or compound, then you can be sure that such powers can attack anyone in that house or compound. 

The rage of these animals in house is to cause havoc and bring serious problem into your marriage if married. Those animals are used to put things in bondage. Satanic powers make use of some animals to attack people in their home. Once this animal is able to enter your room or house, it will make it  their habitation for spiritual attacks. As such, the spirit of the devil possess them to bewitch, afflict and pollute the life of people.


1. To carryout some investigation about the person or family
2. To mark the home for future spiritual attacks if they are driven away
3. To sown tares into your marriage
4. To disturb the peace of the person
5. To shows that all is not well
6. The presence of animal in a home brings a lot of noise
7. To block the blessings of God


1. Good animals. These are animals that serves as a symbol of divine visitation and blessings to the shepherd. John 10:11. Sheep is considered to be a peaceful animal.
2. Bad animals. These are bad animals that stand as a barrier to someone’s breakthrough. 
3. Unclean animals. These are unclean animals that feed on flesh and drink blood.


1. They are stranger of darkness Ps 18:44
2. They are  wickedness of the wicked Proverbs 11:18
3. They are spiritual robbers (John 10:10)
4. They are terror that flieth by night and arrow that flieth by day Psalm 91:5-6
5. They are powers that put people into bondage Exodus 1:13-14

6. They are strongman and strongwomen
7. They are blessings  arrester
8. They are destiny diverter
9. They are monitoring powers

INSTRUCTION:  Embark on 3 days fasting and prayers between 6am – 3pm. Pray with Psalm 21. Take anointing oil and spread it thoroughly in every corner of your room


1. Every rage of animals attacking my home in the dream, be silenced forever  by the blood of Jesus
2. You devil, take your legs off my house, in the name of Jesus
3. You devil, take your legs off my marriage, in the name of Jesus
4. You devil, take your legs off my finances and career, in the name of Jesus
5. Every spiritual attack against my marriage, go back to sender, in the name of Jesus.
6. Every demonic invader against me and my family, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus
7. Anywhere the devil is penetrating into my home, I block it by fire, in the name of Jesus


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