Proverbs 23:6, Do not eat the food of a begrudging host, do not crave his delicacies;

As crucial as food is, it helps in the developments of the body. Food is one thing that we cannot do without. It is a means of survival. Food is what makes the body system to function. 

Eating the right kinds of food is a good health  to the body. Before we can eat foods, there must be need to know the ingredients used in cooking the food. 

Ingredient is the aroma of every food. The only organ of the body that can detest the degree of the food, it is the tongue. 

In other words, it is the tongue that tells us if a particular food is sweet or not.  The tongue has the power to operate in that aspect very well. Meanwhile, a good food cannot be processed without necessary ingredients. Have you ever thought of the ingredients used in preparing evil food? What makes these food effective and harmful?  If you are reading this now and you are thinking what ingredients would it have been?

Fine, many people have swallowed all kinds of evil foods by witchcraft caterers. These witchcraft caterers can operates in any given time to serve you food once you sleep. Frankly speaking, evil foods are those ingredients prepared by witchcraft to wreck destinies. It is certain that these demons would not give you food that are bitter or not edible to you in the dream. In fact, they mostly serve their victims with their favorite foods in the dream. Tactically, they used these foods to initiate someone into satanic bondage.

In the course of this teaching, By the leading of the Holy Spirit, I would carefully highlights to us bit by bit those evil food ingredients served to people in the dream. No doubt, these evil food ingredients can be served to anyone irrespective of your title, fame, position. So long if you can listen to them by opening your mouth, then your spirit man is arrested. For example, anything that happened in the physical realm, it must have been effected or operated in the dream.

It is my joy for you to understand this mystery behind these evil food ingredients in the dream. The reason is for you to know the kind of wickedness your enemies are planning against you.

Say this prayer with power:

  • “Father, I neutralize every effects of satanic food ingredients in my stomach, in the name of Jesus.”


These demons can summon the spiritman of any kinds of people, including one or two of your friends, families, relatives or even the dead persons into the kitchen to feed you in the dream. The reason they do this is to one achieve one purpose: To plant something in the body. We all know that the food that we eat goes straight into our body, process itself and comes out as waste products in the reality. But in the spiritual realm, the evil food will not come out. It can remain in a person’s life for years if adequate prayers or deliverance is not taken.

Satanic kitchen is a a place where all kinds of demonic foods are being processed for final consumption. So any kinds of known faces that was used or programmed to feed you with evil food and its ingredients in the dream successfully, for example, if you see that person feeding you food once in the dream, it means not too serious, but if the same person has been consistent in the dream, we can safely say that the devil just used his or her face to carry out some certain operations in your life. Their operation touches every department of ones lifes if care is not taken. It is the power of God that will deliver you from this witchcraft depatments of evil feeders, in Jesus name.

Also know that, through the kitchen, evil food ingredients are collected from different sources. The sources are majorly within ancestors. On the other hand, a friend told me that he vomited a maggi cube in the process of prayers. Some would say how possible would that be. Stay there and imagine about this mystery while the devil is busy playing on your intellect


1. Dirty water. This is a state where a dirty water is used to cook the food
2. Sand. This is when the sand is used to cook rice
3. Expired oil. This is when they administer an expired oil into the food
4. Substance picked from the gabbage. This is when some substances foods are obtained directly from the grave
5. Human body as meat. 
6. Evil sacrifices. This is the sacrificed  obtained from outside to use as food ingredients in the dream.
7. Pins. This is when they add all kinds of pins into the evil food
8. Cockroaches. This insect is used to in exchange of snails
9. Ants.

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