I Had A Dream Of Someone Setting My Family House On Fire

I had a dream where I went to my village but along the line someone just set my family house on fire including my own mother side was on fire everything I had in d past was all on fire wat does that mean sir?

Genesis 6:5 says, And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

1 Corinthians 3:11 says, For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ

The agenda of the enemy can only prosper when you see the destructive plans of darkness and fail to take drastic step. This dream of a house on fire is another season of loss and stagnation. The Bible makes it clear that if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? A lot of backwardness and starting all over again can be traced to this dream attack. When your family house is on fire, it means you have foundational problem. What people called struggle, hardship and poverty will not be too far from you.  As long as you are connected to them, you will also partake in the bondage of your ancestors. If everything you had is gone to this fire incident, it is a spiritual attack from the side of your parents. They simply don’t want you to grow. They don’t want you to gather wealth and they don’t want you to achieve greatness and success in life.   When your mother’s house is on fire, it shows the habitation of demotion, death, tragedy. The spirit of your father’s house or mother’s house that torment them will come after your life and destiny if care is not taken.


1. It is telling you to guide your property at home
2. It is a sign that you are not taking constant watch and care over your family
2. It is revealing that a great loss or trouble is coming
3. It is the entrance of sorrow and mourning
4. It is telling you to examine the wickedness in your father’s house or mothers house
5. It is telling you there is fire on the mountain


1. Household enemies
2. Familiar spirit
3. Idolatry powers
4. Witchcraft powers
5. Ancestral demon


1.    To kill, steal and destroy.  John 10:10b.
2.    To slow down progress.
3.    To place an embargo on their victim.
4.    To create barriers and satanic hindrances to prosperity and progress.
5.    To afflict.
6.    To suppress and oppress.
7.    To divert a person’s destiny. They make a person to make unpardonable errors and mistakes.
8.    To stagnate lives.
9.    To make a person disobey God and his word.
10. To keep their victims in captivity, enslaved and in bondage.
11. To make you lose your position.
12. To make you lose in every area of life.
13. To take you from the head to the tail.
14. To bring sickness. For example, they can be programed from evil altars.
15. To bring untimely death.
16. To rearrange destinies, make you not to be what God has ordained you to be.
17. To destroy your potentials and render your life useless and worthless.
18. To vandalize your glory like they did to Samson. Judges 16:20-22.


To deal with these powers, the following steps have be considered;

1. Give your life to christ
2. Repent from you sins
3. Break yourself from evil pattern in your family line
4. You need to go to a deliverance church
5. Barricade yourself with the blood of Jesus

INSTRUCTION: Pray and fast for 7 days using Psalm 144:1-7


1. Every evil power in my foundation, die in Jesus name
2. Spirit of error and mistakes assigned against my life, backfire, in Jesus name
3. Every ancestral transmission of poverty break and die in Jesus name
4. Every ancestral transmission of bad luck break and die in Jesus name
5. Joy swallowers of my father’s house, die, in the name of Jesus.
6. Pollution in my roots, hear the word of the Lord, clear away in Jesus name
7.Anything in my life that I have lost, I repossess them back by the blood of the lamb
8. Yokes of loss buried in my father’s house and mother’s house, be uprooted by the blood of Jesus.
9.Blood of Jesus, deliver my foundation, in Jesus name
10. O heavens fish out every strange power n charge of my case, in Jesus name
11. Agenda of death against my parents die, in Jesus name
12. Every satanic father , every satanic mother in the spirit realm, die, in Jesus name.
13. Every habitation of witchcraft be scattered by fire in Jesus name.
14. God, arrest those that are planning to start all over again in life in Jesus name
15. Every altar allowing affliction to take place in my life catch fire in Jesus name

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