It is vital as a Christian to know and understand what the Lord is saying to you in dreams, visions and solutions. He speaks to us in mysteries to keep His will secret and hidden from the enemy. (Dan 2:22).

 It is possible to dream and oftentimes you don’t understand what your dream is all about. 

When a person does not understand his dreams, he begin to seek for the interpretation of his dream. Everybody can pray but not everybody can interpret dream. Some interpret dreams based on the mind. 

There are many people who are educated but are ignorant about their dream life. You cannot know the direction of your life when you cannot interpret your dreams. The devil can hide precious things in people’s dreams because he knows that not many will be able to find out whats that thing. 

To interpret your dream takes the acceptance of the spirit of God. To interpret dream, you must take the whole dream into context. Every dream is important. Whether it is bad or good. One of the good things to do as a Christian is to know how to interpret your dreams in Biblical background. By doing that, it will guide you on how to channel your prayers.

Our dream life should be the foundation of our prayers. Because when you know the meanings of your dreams, all the secret things that have been hidden from you should be exposed. For example, if the dreams are bad , you can overcome them through prayers and fasting. The Holy Spirit is the spirit that translate dream meanings to us while we sleep.

Join me in this  series of ”how to interpret dreams and visions here.” Thanks and God bless.

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Evangelist Joshua Orekhie is a talented young man who is blessed with the ability to intrepret dreams. He use his blog as a medium to help people solve the ystery behind their dreams and also peoivde the solution and prayers that which they can use to solve the dreams


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