I Had A Dream Where My Name Is In The Recruitment List

I had a dream that I am looking for a job In that dream the management of the organization brought out the list of those to be forwarded for recruitment, I ran the place ask them to show me the list to know if my name is the list, they obeyed me and  I go through it and found out that my name is their and I handed it over and went away, I now woke up. Please sir what is the meaning of dream gd morning sir.

Jeremiah 1:8 says, Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord. 

Ezekiel 3:9 says, Fear them not, neither be dismayed at their looks. 

Proverbs 29:25 says, The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putter his trust in the Lord shall be safe. 

 It is a good dream to take a close monitoring of your names in the recruitment process of the organization. It is also good that your name is shortlisted among those that will be called for employment soon. It is also a good thing for them to allow you to check for your name which represents favour and progress. This dream shows you have been looking for a job, our Lord Jesus is saying you will get your desire job this year by continuous prayers and fasting. You will pray more that God should not allow them to remove your names in your absent. Until you pray your way for job breakthrough, you are likely not to be called by the organisation. And the devil’s prayer is to make every opportunity concerning your job pass you by. When the blessing of the Lord comes upon you, the first sign is this dream. He knows that you need a better job this year. That’s why He wants to favour you with a better job this year. 
 If you have been applying for jobs without any favour, don’t worry, this year will be a unique and wonderful year  for you in Jesus name.  Also have faith that God is about to bring a great job on your way through this revelation. I pray that enemy will not remove your name and replace it with another person in Jesus name. Whoever is in charge of the employment exercise in the organisation, The Lord will use the person to favour you. I decree your name will be number 1 to be shortlisted for job in Jesus name. 


1. Give your life to Jesus. Tell Him that once He gives the job, you will be paying your tithe and work for Him more. 
2. Total repentance and confession of your sins. You can’t get the job when you harbour all manners of sin. Repent 
3. Ask God to forgive you and have mercy upon your past mistakes, errors and sins. Whenever you include it in your prayers, he will force your desire job to come
4. Pray that God should not allow evil workers to throw your application or request  to the dustbin.
5. Let prayers be your breakfast, lunch and dinners. This year keep reminding God about your job. 
6. God is goal oriented. Tell Him the kind of job you want to do, how much you want them to be paying etc. Don’t be afraid to tell your Heavenly Father 
7. Organise your curriculum vitae and seek for information. 

INSTRUCTION: Pray and fast for 1 day with midnight prayer 


1. My name in the shortlisted list, do not be erased by evil staff in Jesus name. 
2. Blood of Jesus wash away the mark of struggling for job from my life in Jesus name. 
3. Every spirit of disappointment on my way, be cancelled in Jesus name. 
4. Anointing that will make me right candidate for selection at interviews fall upon me in Jesus name. 
5. Power to rediscover myself fall upon me in Jesus name
6. Every inherited power of bad luck towards my employment, disappear by fire, in Jesus name. 
7. My name shall not work against my employment in Jesus name. 
8. My dress and false information on my curriculum vitae shall not work against me in Jesus name. 
9. My tribe or institution or qualification shall not constitute failure to my employment in Jesus name
10. Every preparation I make for interview shall not be in vain in Jesus name
11. Every shame and disgrace attached to unemployment in my life, die, in Jesus name
12. Every culture, rules set up in the organisation that selects candidate for job shall favour me in Jesus name

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