Matthew 6:24 – No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Proverbs 30:8, Remove far from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me:

Please find somewhere to sit and listen to this sermon of the spirit. If you are eating, or talking, stop whatever you are doing and listen to what God has to tell you about the truth of life.

It is either you are in the control of money or money is in control of you. Poverty does not exclude anyone from the problem of the love of money. You can be poor and yet be a misery Christian. Also you could be very rich and yet be ready to kill just to get money.

The love of money has made lots of homes to suffer today. People just love money and show less concern for God. It is because of money that made some people to travel abroad and when they got there, they begin to show greater love for money.
A lot of Christians are selling things like beer, cigarettes, and hot drinks, just because they want to make money.

So many Christians are finding themselves doing some businesses that does not invite the presence of God and yet they are disturbing God about the breakthrough of that business.
The most worrisome part is, when some Christians would venture in this kind of business. They would tell you nothing is wrong. It is God that gave me the business ideas. So God would not allow me to fail. Same statements should be expected from a Harlot or prostitute woman.

Frankly speaking, We keep calling the name of God in vain and yet God is busy laughing at our foolishness day by day. Some people can just kill their entire family because of money.
Some Christians have no time for weekly services just because they have some urgent goods to sell or render to thier customers or clients..

Some people don’t even have time to wait to the end of church service. Hear this, any work that deprive you completely from serving God with your heart, it is witchcraft. Somebody who is praying to God on his knee might just received a call from his customers to stay connected in business matters. Are we really serving God or money?

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I have seen someone who is in a church service receiving a phone call from someone telling him about his goods that just landed. All of a sudden, before you say Jesus is Lord, the man is already in his shop. Are we deceiving God or ourselves?

Believers all over the world should pray that God should not have problem with them. If God do, I can tell you that no pastors can deliver you except the greedy ones would like to chop your money. The truth is always bitter.

If your temperature goes up whenever money is mentioned, if your body is frozen whenever a woman comes to you for prayers for the purpose of deceiving her, it shows that you are a slave to money and flesh.

We have some so called Christians who can buy N50,000 ($130) worth of clothes but would find it so difficult to give N1000 (about $3) as offering in the church.

This is the area you know if you are truly converted or not. The proof of your Christianity or encounter with God must be shown or tested through your attitude towards money. 

When a man has truly met the Almighty God, every form of inordinate love of money will disappear.

When a man who is 20 years is bent on marrying a 50 year old woman because of her wealth, you can be sure that money is ruling the life of that man. Very soon, that same money he is killing himself for would disgrace him.

When God gives you a vision as a man of God to preach salvation only to change to prosperity galore doctrine, then you are a slave to flesh.

Money can buy you the best books in the world but it cannot buy you a successful marriage. You can buy the best drugs in American or Europe, but you may never enjoy good health. You can go everywhere in the world with money, and yet remain sad.

When the flesh is on the throne, the following things will be there:depression, self righteousness, love of money, selfishness, lack of discipline, boasting, hypocrisy, stubbornness, pride, arrogance, self exaltation etc which are all products of the flesh..

Many people have failed to experience spiritual growth or deliverance because they are proud. God has no business to do with the proud. The proud cannot receive anything from God. Proud people feel they have everything and therefore are on top of the world. Read Psalm 10:4.

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