Mad Person Was Sweeping My Compound In The Dream

Mad person sweeping
Mad Person

I dreamt were mad people were sweeping my compound. When they get to the entrance of my room, one of them try to enter my room to sweep but I refused. He was trying to force himself in but I refused and we started dragging the door.. Sir please interpret this dream for me.

Zechariah 12:4, “In that day,” declares the LORD, “I will strike every horse with bewilderment and his rider with madness. But I will watch over the house of Judah, while I strike every horse of the peoples with blindness.”

The mad people are seriously in displaced in your dream. They were even trying to gain entrance into your room. The totality of a mad man or people in the dream is the attributes of witchcraft operation. Mad people in the dream has the spirit of transferring poverty and rejection. Once the mad people is gathering momentum to force themselves into the room, one of the thing they are going to achieve is to dominate your home. If you are married, it is to put serious embargo on the wall of your marriage. The fact that the mad person was sweeping your compound, it shows that such compound is not protected and has received strange enemy within the compound. If the mad person is not visible, their spirit of darkness would capture whoever is trying to progress and make success in that house. This mad person is not an ordinary and has been sent especially to steal something from your room. A mad person sweeping your compound, its to take away all the blessings of God associated in that house. Another way to say is that the the spirit of witchcraft is sending arrows to people living in that house. That is why they were actually planning to gain entrance into your house, but thank God that all proved abortive to them 


They are as follows

1. To plant terrible attacks
2. To make things difficult for you
3. To make curses become operational
4. To cause mental disturbance
5. To attack and steal whatever you have in your room
6. To discourage people from remembering you in that house
7. To activates sin and discourage you
8. To bring fear, anxiety and temptation
9. To steal your opportunities
10.To renders life hard and nauseating
11.To put you in serious bondage
12. To discourage you from fulfilling your destiny


1. Unexplainable demotion
2. Sickness and disease that defy medical attention
3. Confusion
4. Loss of breakthrough
5. Rising and falling
6. Constant disappointments and frustration
7. Lack of favour
8. Incomplete deliverance
9. Quick activation of family problem inheritance
10. Business failure and lack of employments


1. Give your life to Christ
2. Confess your sins and errors to God
3. Command the mad people to go back to sender in Jesus name
4. Sanitize your compound with the blood of Jesus
5. Pray that whatsoever the enemy has taken from your home before you found Christ should be restored back in Jesus name.

INSTRUCTION: Embark one day fasting and prayers 6am – 7pm. Get your broom ready and use it to sweep your room and compound. Declare that as I am sweeping away every footstep of strangers in the house in Jesus name. Isaiah 65:21-22


1. Every door opened to mad people to my house, loose your hold, in Jesus name
2. Every spirit of mad man attacking the source of my breakthrough, I bind you and cast you out, in Jesus name
3. Every spirit of torment, release me, in Jesus name.
4. Every satanic arrow around my compound waiting to enter my room, go back to sender, in Jesus name

5. I cover myself with the blood of Jesus.
6. Every strange arrow against me and my household, back fire, in Jesus name
7. I reject the spirit of poverty and sickness in my home in Jesus name
8. This year, I must fulfill my expectations in life in Jesus name
9. O God arise and give me open heavens, in Jesus name
10. I cancel tears and premature death in Jesus name
11. My Father, deliver me from strange battles in Jesus name
12. Dark visitation, clear your feets off my house, in Jesus name

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