My passport and Travel

I saw my passport soaked with water. So the following day, I went to embassy and was denied USA.

Isaiah 6:8, And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.”

The deepest meaning of a passport is to serve as a gateway to travel to foreign countries. A passport is an instrument of getting a visa. Without a passport, you cannot obtain a visa. So without the passport, there is no way someone can travel to the country of his or her choice. As long as a person’s foundation is bad, such a person will keep walking into problem of travel out. There are demons dedicated in pulling down people at the edge of their miracle. These demons would make sure people do not travel out, hence they set out stumblingblock to someone’s dream.

There is no doubt that so many people are being denied access to take their way out of the country. Even those who have complete documents, they still encounter one problem or the other. Whether at the embassy or at the airport, there are specific demons strategized to wait for their victims. These demons constitutes enemy that don’t want to see you travel out.

There are many people whose passport and other documents have been withdrawn or seated upon by collective demons of witchcraft in the spirit realm. The closer they are to their miracle, the more would be their afflictions. One begin to wonder what kinds of joy would the enemy derive in delaying other people’s destiny. It is a strong battle that you must fight to the end. If God has shown you for many instances that you are going to be in other countries, then you must not rest on your oars. And with prayers, you will get there.

A man would came to Nigeria from abroad to see his wife and children, But when it is time to travel back to the country, it is either his passport is expired, stolen or other documents are being hijacked by robbers. Of course the person could not travel out. All efforts to travel  back proved abortive as enemy has seated on his case.

What a tragedy to discover that your passport is soaked with water. It is a sign that there will be serious problem in your ability to travel out of the country. People who should have been out of a certain country are being restricted, hence their glory is being delay and manipulated in a certain location. This is not the plan of God for your life. This case calls for serious prayers and fasting.

Having being denied access to travel, from this dream, it is clear that your chances to leave this country is very slim and a revelation shows that your way have been blocked by envious witchcraft. By the time we go to our prayer session, you will be delivered from satanic delay in Jesus name. It is also important you deal with those forces who are against your progress. Any efforts made to travel out would be thwarted by these strange or jealous powers.

A research was carried out some years ago and it was discovered that, a high percentage of people are being access to travel out. It is not because their documents are not complete or they don’t have a flight ticket to commence their journey, it is because there are monitoring powers after them,

It is a tragedy when God says your destiny is outside the country and you are still within the country, then something is wrong somewhere. It is a tragedy when God connects you to people who should help you out of the country, but something mysterious happens along the line. It is either you are sick or someone dies in the family. When people have one or two dreams about the issue of documents or visa, then such person needs to pray aggressively. 

How can a man who is living in American and has his family back in Nigeria, having problem with his documents. To see his family becomes a big problem. these are signs that the demon is really hindering their freedom.


1. It means failure at the edge of breakthrough
2. It means embargo on your dreams
3. It means the enemy is against your travelling out
4. It means it is forbidden for anyone in your family to travel out of the country
5. It means the evil monitoring spirit has attached themselves to you
6. It means you are under the spirit of satanic delay
7. It means series of repeated problem
8. It means you are under the influence of a curse
9. It means you are wallowing in sin
10.It means you cannot breakthrough in the family line
11.It means you should remain in that country
12.It means you will suffer favour when they deny you access
13.It means you are controlled by ancestral powers
14.It means you have exposed your information to people 
15.It means Inability to fulfil your destiny
16.It means shame and disgrace
17.It means you cannot go anywhere
18.It means disappointment and discouragement
19.It means your prayer life is very weak
20.It means your location is affecting your destiny

There are powers stationed in your life so that you might not travel. These are:

1. Evil gadget and monitoring
2. Follow follow powers
3. Spirit of almost there but never there
4. Inherited bondage
5. Secret sin and unforgiveness
6. Listening to the devil’s instruction and information
7. Inaqueduate preparation
8. Spirit wife or husband
9. Family strife
10. Spirit of poverty


1. God has the ability and capacity to provide your new passport of destiny
2. God can restore your lost opportunities and make a way when demon says there is no way
3. That passport within your possession, although, it may look ordinary, but when the power of God fall on your passport,it will become extra ordinary and it will surprise your enemy
4. God can blind the eyes of your enemy till when the doors is finally open to you
5. That your passport soaked with water will received unexpected favour at the embassy
6. That enemy sitting on your passport would be unseated in Jesus name.
7. God wants you to travel out to serve as a good example of what His power can do.
8. God wants you to become an outstanding person in the life


There are several things that can block your entry to a foreign country

  • Polluted hands
  • Wrong environment
  • Life without a purpose
  • Planting the wrong seed
  • The curse of non-achievement
  • Anti-progress forces
  • Disobedience to God (Nuhum 3:5)
  • Stealing your way to breakthrough
  • Evil association
  • Spiritual insensitivity
  • Bringing unclean things to God


The strongman has the mission to fulfill the following strategies

1. To puts you in a financial mess
2. To brings serious problem in the family that will discourage your travelling
3.To invites you to the village for a family matters
4. To introduces a wrong partner (man/woman) that will bring bad luck against your travelling
5. To allows any other persons to touch your documents
6. To consults the false prophets for your way out of the country
7. To have strange money in your hands 
8. To steal, kill and destroy your dream
9. To gives you some advise that you are NOT destined to leave this country
10.To press down your head on the day of your travel
11.Deceptively, they will pray with you and collect your names for blockage
12.They discourage you and frustrate you


1. Surrender your life to Christ to the Lord
2. Repent of every known sin
3. Raise a prayer altar against every spirit at the edge of your breakthroughs
4. Blind the powers causing setback at the embassy or monitoring you
5. Destroy the powers behinds this frustrating situation
6. If the dream becomes frequent, kindly go for deliverance
7. Barricade your life and documents with the blood of Jesus.

CONFESSION–Isaiah 43:19

INSTRUCTION By Evangelist Joshua Orekhie

Take the following prayers both day and night. If your documents are with you,  bring them out and pray on it. If your own is setback and embarrassment at embassy, pray those prayers very well. If you are the one expecting your own visa, pray especially your names. Decree your names will bring favour and success to you.

1. Covenants with disappointment, break by the blood of Jesus in the name of Jesus
2. Every witchcraft curse working against my travelling oversea, break in the name of Jesus name
3. Holy Spirit, disgrace every household enemies waging war against my travelling abroad in Jesus name
4. Evil voices saying NO to the procurement of my visa, by the voice of the Lord, be silenced now in the name of Jesus
5. Marks of rejection upon my life, be erased by the blood of Jesus
6. Every evil embargo placed on my travelling documents, be lifted by fire in the name of Jesus
7. Every satanic checkpoint in the second heaven against my breakthrough be dismantled by fire in the name of Jesus
8. Every power sitting on my visa, somersault and die in the name of Jesus
9. I withdraw my passport from every evil alter and cage in the name of Jesus
10. Ever satanic bodyguard monitoring my travelling for evil die in the name of Jesus
11. I reject every satanic conspiracy against my visa in the name of Jesus
12. Every stronghold at the edge of my breakthrough, be dismantled in Jesus name
13. Every failure mechanism designed against my destiny, die by fire in the name of Jesus
14. Every satanic padlock fashioned against my visa scatter by fire in Jesus name
15. Windows of heaven open for my visa in the name of Jesus
16. I cancel with the blood of Jesus, every dream of rejection in the name of Jesus
17. I cancel with the blood of Jesus, every dream of hatred in the name of Jesus
18. Holy Ghost inject my blood with the virus of favour in the name of Jesus
19. Anointing for favour, fall on me in the name of Jesus
20. Every failure at the edge of my Visa breakthrough, die in the name of Jesus
21. Every curse of rejection, my life is not your landing space
22. Every Pharaoh from the waters, sitting on my travelling documents somersault and die
23. You my passport, bring favour and goodness to me in the name of Jesus
24. Every mark of rejection on my passport be cased by the blood of Jesus
25. O Lord, grant me favour before the Consular Officers in the name of Jesus
26. I pursue, I overtake, and I recover everything stolen from my life in the dream
27. Holy ghost fire, promote me in the name of Jesus
28. My visa manifest by fire in the name of Jesus
29. I am favoured by God, I am favoured by heaven, I am favoured by men by fire in the name of Jesus
30. Begin to give God Praise

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  1. Godbless u for this blog sir.
    In the dream a man was struggling to collect my international passport.I woke up with the man still struggling to pull out my passport.
    What does that dream signify sir?

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