Pregnant for a Man in the Dream, I just had a dream and in that dream I was pregnant for a man. I then saw myself with my mother in our house.

Later I was in labour, I delivered on my mother’s bed, as I went out it was seriously raining then one black man came to claim my child.

The baby’s father and the fake father are now fighting to the point where a lady took the case to one elder for settlement.

I was there with the baby’s father waiting for the accuser, he missed the road where the settlement will take place. I wake up to life.
The Bible says, if you are weak in the days of adversity, your strength is small.

The first challenge that confronted you was the pregnancy in the dream.

Being pregnant in the dream is spiritually harmful. It is an expressway into satanic attack. The Bible says there is no relationship between light and darkness.

This dream simply reveals that the devil is attacking the source of your pregnancy. If you are expectant of a baby, this is the plan of the enemy to wage war against you and manipulate your marriage. And if you are not, means the working of the enemy is to evaporate your marriage. Pregnancy in the dream portends a marital problem.

It is even more worrisome when you delivered in your mother’s bed in the dream. It is indication that you are likely linked to the authority of your mother’s house.

Whatever that affects your mother will certainly affect your destiny. That child you delivered in your mother’s home could constitute embarrassment and failure. The presence of two men fighting over ‘who will father the child’ can make you lose trust and love for your man. 

If a black man (strange man) could boldly walk up to you to claim your child in the dream shows that you have already established a soul tie covenant with another man outside your marriage.

The formal promise and agreement binding between you and the ex man has put you in serious trouble. This is a battle you must fight to the end. That is why the Bible says husband and wife should be open to one another.

When there is a fight between two men over a child gives a bad signal to the marriage and limit your respect. The Bible says, For this purpose was the son of God was made manifested that he might destroy the works of darkness.

 So the battle against strange spirit must be reaffirmed. However, if you don’t open up to your man about your formal activity, you may just be an arrow of regret and shame.  The enemy of marriage is always on attack.

The success of your marriage is occasioned by your openness to your husband as the case maybe. Through this dream, it is also clear that your foundation is really bad. The kind of pregnancy and child you have in the dream is an indication that you have a spirit husband. This spirit husband will continue to prevent peace and joy to reign in your marriage.

Strange man appears to claim his child when God’s blessings is in the home. If something could happen in your past with men and you are not truthful to your husband or man, it will surely affect your marriage.

If you are not prayerful and you allow the black man to take away the baby, means you have lost your womb to the devil. Unless you are truthful about who has the child, you may not overcome some challenges in your home.

The greatest bondage is the one which came to claim a child in another man’s home. The devil is using this dream to contaminate your marriage through agreement with spiritual husband. He used this dream as a weapon to cage your babies. If a strange man is planning to take away your child, you must challenge such powers by going into furious prayers and fasting.

As soon as you do that, anoint your womb or baby and pray very well. Failure to pray very well may invite the enemy to attack your home and run away with your blessings.

TO PREGNANT IN THE DREAM means the following.

1. To cause you misfortune in marriage.
2. To destroy you.
3. To arrest your womb
4. To entangle you in the enemy’s web.
5. To make you lose your pregnancy
6. To make you lose your prestige as a woman
7. To turn your blessings into a curse
8. To make you lose your virtues
9. To bring miscarriage of pregnancy
10. To put you in captivity and financial problem
11. To bring sickness and hardship
12. To establish family problem.
13. To afflict you with excessive worries
14. To destroy your marital potentials.
15. To vandalize your glory like they did to Samson.


1. Sexual intercourse in the dream
2. Prayerlesness
3. Helpers fleeing
4. Terrible thoughts
5. Emotional disturbance
6. Failure where others succeed easily
7. Fear
8. Hearing strange voices
9. Inability to defend yourself
10. Shame and disgrace.


1. It will bring disgrace into the marriage
2. It destroy the virtues and joy of the Lord in that marriage
3. It creates a room for divorce
4. There will be problem of child bearing
5. There will be high taste for polygamy
6. Having a covenant with a soul tie man
7. It brings hatred and loneliness
8. Caging of blessings and potentials.
9. Failure and confusion
10. Loss of spiritual power and strength. For example, Samson. Judges 16:19-11. Affliction and suffering. Judges 16:21
12. Demonic marriage


1. Identify the source of your problems. Examine the place where the devil is gaining control over your home
2. Total repentance
3. Break all former satanic associations
4. Renounce the spiritual marriage contract
5. Breaking evil covenant
6. Keep a relationship with God

INSTRUCTION: Embark on 3 days fasting and prayers between 6am – 3pm and cry out to God for mercy and forgiveness. Pray with Psalm 21


1. Powers causing problems in my marriage, be destroyed in the name of Jesus.
2. Father Lord, bestow upon me your great mercy, in the name of Jesus.
3. Anything secret sin that is affecting my marriage, I lay it off completely in the name of Jesus.
4. Power to obey and respect my man, locate me now, in the name of Jesus.
5. Curses of marital failure in my foundation, break by fire, in Jesus name.

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