The Dangers of Dream Pollutions

Dr D.K Olukoya


When something is polluted or defiled in the spirit realm, it appears in the physical as hatred, bad luck, backwardness, stagnation, rejection, not making progress, being passed over, being put under instead of above, it will come to a situation where good things will pass the person and bad things will come.

There are flies in the spirit realm, they are called ‘Beelzebub Spirit’ which means ‘The lord of the flies’.

Any power, asking good things to pass you bye, shall be buried tonight, in the name of Jesus. (7-Amen).

“But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.” Matthew 13:25. 

Many times the enemy does not come to kill but to steal, to pollute, to misdirect and to pull down. Dreams are spiritual monitors, pictures in the spirit realm.

Dreams and visions are very powerful and wonderful when it comes from God. But dreams are terrible when it comes from carnality, deceitfulness of the flesh, deceitfulness of the heart and from Satan.Under the banner of dreams, many things happen.


1. Is it scriptural? If NO, it is pollution.
2. Does the dream draws you closer to God? If NO, it is pollution.
3. Does it leave you confused? If NO, itnia pollution.
4. Does it edify? If NO, it is pollution.
5. Does it bring you into bondage? If NO, it is pollution.
6. Is the Holy Spirit confirming it? If NO, it is pollution.
7. Does it bring unholy fear? If NO, it is pollution.===> Any life here that has been polluted from the dream, receive the cleansing of the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus


1. All sexual intercourse in the dream
2. Women with male organ sleeping with their fellow women.
3. Constant semen discharge till you wake up.
4. Sleeping or wedding with animals.
5. Robbing of body with feces or urine.
6. Seeing yourself navigating in the dream trying to dodge the dustbin
7. Drinking dirty water or swimming in dirty water.
8. Being raped in the dream.
9. Strange babies in the dream.
10. Drinking one’s blood or another person’s blood.
11. Seeing spiders, scorpions, ants, vultures; unclean animals attacking you in the dream are polluting dreams. It means bad luck.

PRAY: Arrow of bad luck, fired against me in the dream, backfire, in the name of Jesus
PRAY: Every witchcraft pollution, in the dream, die, in the name of Jesus

12. Dreaming of incisions being put on your body.
13. Nakedness
14. Seeing blood out of your menstrual pad.
15. Having sex with parents in the dream
16. Eating spoilt food
17. Pregnant man
18. Increased senseless dreaming and nightmares.
19. Vomiting in the dream, sometimes on clothes
20. Dirty clothes
21. Rages
22. Bed wetting
23. Seeing sores on your body.
24. Seeing yourself being romanced.
25. Seeing blood or red objects
26. Seeing babies being stolen
27. Evil water flowing around.
28. Seeing yourself drowning in the river


1. You need to surrender your life to Jesus.
2. Renounce those dreams
3. Dissolve their tokens
4. Possess your possessions
5. Barricade your life against those dreams.


[Before Ministration]

1. Arrows from the dream, hear the Word of the Lord, I call you out, in the name of Jesus
2. Arrows, disallowing the gathering of my prosperity, die, in the name of Jesus
3. Holy Ghost arise, deliver me from Satan’s detention, in the name of Jesus
4. Detention of domestic witchcraft, I am not your candidate, catch fire, in the name of Jesus
5. Every witchcraft pots, battling my life, thunder of God, scatter them, in the name of Jesus
6. Every battle, glued to my life by the enemies, backfire, in the name of Jesus
7. Powers, monitoring my life in the dream, you are a liar, die in the name of Jesus.

[After Ministration]
* Begin to ask God to forgive you of any sin that will make evil prosper in your life.
1. Buried virtues in the dream, stolen virtues in the dream, I recover you by fire, in the name of Jesus
2. Dream polluters, I am not your candidate, your time is up, die in the name of Jesus

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